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the original bottles

Pink Deluxe Lunch Bag with Bottle

Leak proof

Experience peace of mind with our
100% leak-proof drink bottle, designed
for worry-free hydration.

Drink Bottles Fierce

Full wrap design

Express yourself with our full wrap
designs – personalised to fit your unique
style, making each sip truly yours.

Bottle Bumper Teal

Add a bumper

Protect your bottle in style with our
add-on bumpers, preventing bumps and
dings while adding a touch of personality.

Piccolo Bottle Fierce

Sip, clean, repeat

Enjoy effortless hydration with our
easy to clean design: simply sip, clean, &
repeat for a seamless drinking experience.


The Piccolo bottle is a favourite.
It's the perfect size and it keeps
their juice cool throughout the day.


Very happy with the purchase of
our drink bottle! Super cute and


FAQs Guide

What is special about the bottles?

Our bottles are more than hydration tools, they're a buddy! They're leak-proof, perfect for school or daycare, and easy for little hands to use!

What are the bottles made of?

Our bottles are crafted from food-grade 316 stainless steel, a durable and safe material that ensures your child's drink stays pure and free of any metallic taste.

And don't worry about any nasty chemicals - our bottles are BPA, PVC & Phthalates free! So, your little explorer can stay hydrated with peace of mind.

Isn't that just what every parent wants?

How long do drinks stay hot or cold?

Our bottles maintain temperature like champs! They keep drinks cold for up to 6 hours, hot for up to 12 hours.

Note: Extreme weather may affect this.

Does the bottle print last?

Yes! But we recommend handwashing to keep the print looking great.

Can I microwave my bottle?

Hold up! Let's keep hydration buddies out of microwaves. No worries though, our bottles' superior vacuum insulation ensures your child's drinks stay warm. So, even on chilly days, their favourite hot chocolate stays toasty!

What's the capacity of your bottles?

Our Drink Bottle Grande is a real hydration hero with a generous 600ml capacity! That's plenty to keep your little explorers quenched throughout their big adventures.

On the other hand, our Piccolo version is perfect for smaller sippers or shorter outings with its handy 380ml size. It's just as robust and reliable, but in a more compact form!

Are the bottles safe?

Absolutely! We've made sure our bottles are BPA, PVC & phthalates Free. They're crafted from Food Grade 316 Stainless Steel - so no nasties here. What's more, they feature an easy-release spout, designed specifically for small hands, and a spill-proof design to ward off any accidental messes. But that's not all, we've even included a hygienic spout cover to keep germs at bay. Now that's what we call a trusty hydration buddy!

Can I personalise my child's bottle?

Absolutely! Your child's hydration pal is not only a trusty sidekick but also an extension of their personality. Add your child's name to their Drink Bottle Grande and watch it transform into a unique accessory that stands out in the crowd at school, kinder, or daycare.

Our vibrant full wraparound print ensures the personalisation stands out, and to keep it looking its best, we recommend handwashing these special bottles.

Please remember that personalised items cannot be returned or exchanged unless defective, so do check all details before confirming your order.

How do I care for the bottle?

Caring for your child's Drink Bottle is a breeze!

We want their personalised bottles to be a long-lasting hydration buddy, so here's our simple step-by-step guide:

1. Preparation: Gather warm water, a mild detergent, and a soft cleaning aid.
2. Disassemble: Unscrew the lid, open the drinking spout, and disconnect the straw. Be careful not to dislodge the leakproof valve underneath the lid - it's what keeps the bottle spill-free!
3. Soak: Let the lid and straw parts enjoy a 10-minute bath in warm soapy water.
4. Scrub-a-dub-dub: Use a sponge to clean the lid inside and out. Got hard-to-reach areas? A straw cleaning brush will do the trick. Just remember, don't remove the mouthpiece from the lid.
5. Rinse and Dry: Rinse all parts under clean water to wash off any soap, and let them air dry on a rack. For the best results, ensure all parts are completely dry before storing them away.
6. Reassemble: Push the straw back into the white filter connector, align the two marker dots on the lid with the braces on the straw mount, and push them together firmly. Fill the bottle, screw on the lid, and voila!

Remember, your Drink Bottle is not microwave-friendly, and handwashing is the best way to keep the print looking vibrant. Each bottle comes with a handy spare parts kit, and regular cleaning will ensure your bottle remains in top-notch condition.

Just like your little explorers, these bottles are ready for big adventures. So, let's keep them clean, safe, and ready for action!

Caution: Small parts can be a choking hazard, so we recommend these bottles for ages 3+. Always exercise caution when using hot liquids.


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