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Name Stickers

Name Stickers to keep all your kids belongings safe. Super cute and super durable. Dishwasher, microwave, steriliser and freezer safe. No more lost property. The number one for name labels in Australia.
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Includes 130 Labels
$16.00 SGD Regular price $67.00 On Sale
Includes 32 Labels
$19.00 SGD
Includes 64 Labels
$19.00 SGD
Includes 24 Labels
$19.00 SGD
Includes 16 Labels
$19.00 SGD
Includes 24 Labels
$19.00 SGD

why our stickers?

The Label Solution Parents Trust

Name Stickers Floral

Stick 'n' Go

You've got a million things on
your plate. Let our easy to stick labels
take one thing off your list

Name Sticker Medium

Exclusively Certified

Our labels have endured rigorous
testing, ensuring they stick with
you through thick & thin

Name Stickers

Unrivalled Designs

Forget the lost & found drama.
With our bold prints, your kid's stuff will
always be in the spotlight

Name Sticker Medium

Unbeatable Durability

Life-proof stickers that can
handle the dishwasher, freezer,
microwave, & even the steriliser


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